I find your harps to be extremely playable. Very airtight, well tuned and easily
bendable right out of the box. Thank you so much for manufacturing such a
superior instrument at an affordable cost. I will be replacing all my harps
with DaBell Nobels in the future

David P. from USA

Dabell Noble Harmonica is the best I have ever owned. 
I bought two at SPAH in Tulsa.

Richard M. from USA

I take a lot of pleasure in playing
on the "Noble", You did a really good job. I think your harp is
really competitive. You have all my support!

Mathieu V. from France

Well... I'm happy because I've
just discovered a great harmonica brand ! The harps are extremely well made, the finishing touch is remarkable

Philippe G. from France

I love it a lot. It looks very
beautifull with the color of the wood, metal comb and cover, it looks like an instrument designed by angels for angels. The sound is also absolutly fantastic. Thank you for creating such a
nice instrument

Sven M. from France

Lucky you ...I really love the
Noble it's a great harmonica. I dream to have a full range of Noble.

Christelle B. from Sweden

Made in Korea Absolutely
awesome instrument. Precision engineering and.... A sealed maple comb. Fantastic quality at a great price!

Edy L. from Portugal

Number one best harmonica out
there. Plays like a dream sounds loud and proud. Never seen an out of the box harp play like this

Richard L. from USA

In my opinion after working on
all major brands of harps, I must say. For out of the box harps, DaBell has some of the closest tolerances I have seen, and I work on all of them.

Dennis F. from USA